martes, 26 de mayo de 2009


Finding clothes iteresantes catwalk looks to build stores with Zara, Mango, Topshop or H & M, is easy, difficult in one of them and leave with nothing, but is more complicated in stores that do not call her a priori atenicón on all from a certain age and a certain budget, such as Pimkie, a store chain pioneering French origin of the phenomenon lowcost. As Chloe said once Pimkie is one of those places that always pass over, but powerfully called my attention that is always full, so it was decided to go into his collection spring-summer 2009 and see what's good between their proposals. And the truth is that as in any store nearby, one can find at very basic internet perfect for the crisis, fully adaptable and combinable with their old classics.

Its strengths are the shirts and colorful tops, and that price is between EUR 5 and 20 we offer a wide range of quality garments perfect right to "use and throw" does not last for twenty years but we muddle through go to spare.

The secret, as always, lies in knowing obviously combine.


born chain shops PULL AND BEAR,
estrategiaa a result of market segmentation
initiated by the Inditex group. It is at this time when man
demand a basic fashion style
influenced by international fashion trends that
moreover, needs to quickly adapt asus respecting three
fundamental fashion, price and quality.
the idea of driving PULL AND BEAR is bringing fashion to the people

Since 1995, lung and Bear has based its expansion
a combination of international shops and
franchise. Through the Master Franchise,
has opened outlets in ANDORRA, EL SALVADOR, ROMANIA,
etc ...

As an exception to this formula of Master Franchise in Spain,
France, etc ... Pull and Bear stores are their own and can not
to obtain a franchise as

Pull and Bear basa its international success in the
maintenance of their personality at home on the market
that is present. For her, all aspects
asu image must be consistent with the management direstrices
suficiete to achieve optimal development of a Pull and Bear stores
franchise in your area.

We could say that Pul and Bear is a good brand to buy clothes:)

martes, 19 de mayo de 2009


The new collection spring / summer 2009, both in light fabrics like the colors, the clothes are perfect for every moment of the day, while fashion trends. During the nine months, the clothes should be comfortable and must adapt to changing your body, so Prenatal has studied a number of technical and functional adaptability to ensure that each garment.

Prenatal, SA is the largest European chain of stores specializing in the distribution of products for mother, baby and child up to 8 years old. Prenatal, SA is a Spanish company with its headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) since 1996 and belongs to the Italian ARTSANA group, SpA is currently present in 14 countries, with a total of 437 points of sale

I would not expect from you and go to one of the clothing is for all prenatal comfort for your baby

martes, 12 de mayo de 2009


Bershka was created in 1998 in response to demand from a young audience eager trend, fashion and color. Quickly conquered Europe and the rest of the world.
Bershka is always one step ahead. So can boast of being the global brand that has a greater presence in new social networks.

Bershka is still one of those stores that however much you want to avoid, by that deafening music and unbearable congestion, there is no way to enter: fief of adolescents of all kinds, the largest of twenty still reluctant to leave. And there's always something to take its proposals to the cabinet

Bershka is always the best clothes, always in fashion. check out his new spring / summer col lessons CORRE! TO BE SOLD OUT!